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Our Process

Mattresses come to us from all over Massachusetts

We receive mattresses and box springs from cities, towns, junk haulers, retailers, schools, hotels, and individuals all over Massachusetts.

  • Mattress Recycling

    95% of all mattresses and box springs received are at the end of their useful life so we deconstruct them to salvage valuable materials like foam, steel, cotton, and wood. These materials are then repurposed: foam becomes carpet padding, cotton fills cozy dog beds, steel heads to scrap yards, and wood is transformed into industrial mulch.

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  • Mattress Upcycling (Resale)

    The select few mattresses and box springs that are earmarked for upcycling (resale) undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitation process. Once we process them, they find their way to our store shelves or online platform, ready to provide comfort and value for a new owner.

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Join us on our mission to ensure a more sustainable future by recycling your unwanted mattress and buying a HandUp Upcycled mattress.