Besides the positive environmental impacts we achieve by diverting mattresses and box springs away from landfills, we are committed to providing a hand up to the most vulnerable in our communities. 

In 2023, HandUP Mattress Resale & Recycling donated over $150,000 of cash and product through our sister non-profit organization, HandUp Community Impact. HandUp Community Impact provides direct wrap-around services, or partners with local non-profits, to support our immigrant and refugee neighbors.

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  • Education

    1. Scholarships
    2. English Classes
    3. GED Equivalency
    4. Technical Training and Certifications
    5. School & Daycare Enrollment Assistance
  • Healthcare

    1. Enrollment Support
    2. Locating Doctors
    3. Accompanying on appointments
  • Driver’s License

    1. Securing appointments
    2. Serve as sponsor
    3. Helping with documentation
  • Legal Support

    1. Immigration issues
    2. Coordinating legal counsel
    3. Name changes for minor children
  • Notary Services

    1. Free notary services to certify documents for legal processes
  • Small Business Support

    1. Mini-grants for immigrants to grow their business
    2. Technical support
    3. Marketing assistance
  • Financial Services

    1. Assistance to open bank accounts
    2. Tax preparation
    3. Financial literacy services
  • Case Management

    1. Enrollment assistance for utility subsidies
    2. Passport applications for minors
  • Mattress Donations

    1. Donations to charity partners
    2. Upcycle mattresses at a reduced cost to furniture banks

Join us on our mission to ensure a more sustainable future by recycling your unwanted mattress and buying a HandUp Upcycled mattress.