Curbside Mattress Pickup Program Terms & Conditions

Updated 8/23/23


HandUp will collect, transport, and recycle mattresses or box springs (“Units”) directly from the Customer for a fixed fee (defined below) as part of its curbside mattress pickup program (“Curbside Pickup Program”). Customer is responsible to place the Units at an easily accessible and visible exterior location, at or near the property line, by 8:30 A.M. the day of scheduled pickup (“Curbside Pickup Day”). For the avoidance of doubt, HandUp nor its staff will not enter into the interior of a residence to move or collect the Units; it is the Cusomter’s responsibility to move the Units to the exterior of the premises.

HandUp will advise the Customer, the morning of the Curbside Pickup Day, if it must cancel service due to inclement weather or othe unforeseen circumstance. In case of a canceled Curbside Pickup Day, HandUp will give the Customer the option for a full refund or to reschedule for the next available Curbside Pickup Day. As a clarification, HandUp does operate on days when rain is forecast or present so unless HandUp advises the Customer of a cancellation, the Customer should put out the Units by 8:30 A.M. of the Curbsider Pickup Day.


Mattresses or box springs that are excessively wet, heavily soiled, or visibly contain mold and/or bed bugs will not be accepted for recycling by HandUp (“Ineligible Unit”). If HandUp determines a Unit is an Ineligible Unit and therefore not able to be recycled, its staff will affix a sticker noting "REJECTED" and also take photographic evidence of the Unit to show why it was rejected for recycling. The Customer will then have the option to call HandUP for an additional pickup to dispose of the Ineligible Unit. If the Customert pays the additional Curbside Collection Fee and the Ineligible Unit Disposal Fee (both defined below) then the Ineligible Unit(s) will be collected and disposed of by HandUp with its waste hauler.


  1. Curbside Collection Fee - HandUp will charge a fee for each Unit (“Curbside Collection Fee”) that HandUp collects, transports, and recycles from the Customer directly via the Curbside Pickup Program. (PLEASE SEE YOUR SPECIFIC TOWN’S LINK FOR THE APPLICABLE CURBSIDE COLLECTION FEE) For any Ineligible Units, HandUp will still be entitled to charge the Curbside Collection Fee to compensate HandUp for its time and inconvenience even though it did not collect the Unit;

  2. Ineligible Unit Disposal Fee - For any Ineligible Units that HandUp receives, HandUp will charge an additional Curbside Collection Fee for the second pick-up. In addition to this, HandUp shall be authorized to charge the Customer the amount HandUp’s waste hauler charges for the disposal of the Ineligible Unit plus its own costs for handling(“Ineligible Unit Disposal Fee”). The Ineligible Unit Disposal Fee, as of August 2023, is $75/Unit but may change at any time subject due to the fees HandUp pays to its waste hauler for disposal;

  1. No Show Fee - In cases where a Curbside Pickup is scheduled, and when HandUp arrives there are no Units to be picked up ("No Show"), HandUp will provide photographic evidence of no Units being present at the pickup site. In cases of No Show, HandUp will charge the Customer a fee that equals the Curbside Collection for the Units that were to be picked up (“No Show Fee”). For the avoidance of doubt, if a Customer puts Units out for pickup and someone else takes them away before HandUp to pickup this will be considered a No Show and the No Show Fee shall still apply;

  2. Additional Units - In cases where the Customer pays the Curbside Collection Fee for a certain number of Units and the number of Units that HandUp encounters when it performs the Curbside Pickup is greater than the Units paid for, HandUp will take a photo to demonstrate the number of Units was greater than what was paid for and has the right, at its sole discretion, to either charge the Customer the Curbside Collection Fee due for each additional Unit or not pick up the additional Units; and

  3. Cancellation Fee - Customers must call 774-271-8744 to cancel scheduled service no later than 48 hours before the start (8:30 AM) of the scheduled Curbside Pickup Day to receive a full refund. If the Customer cancels within 48 hours of the scheduled Curbside Pickup Day, beginning at 8:30 AM, HandUp will charge a cancellation fee equal to the Curbside Collection Fee times the number of Units that were scheduled to be picked up (“Cancellation Fee”). For the avoidance of doubt, Customer hereby explicitly agrees that HandUp shall be entitled to charge its credit card provider tne entire amount of the Cancellation Fee if the Customer cancels within 48 hours of the Curbside Pickup Day.